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Flying Towards Auto Pilot…

Quote for Today: The other arts persuade us, but music takes us by surprise. Eduard Hanslick

As a part of our daily routine, music sets the pace of our day. Whether planning our next trip to a destination that is sure to offer interesting music venues or live concerts, there are times that music takes us by surprise. And, today is one of them.

Blind Pilot

We Are The Tide Album

Blind Pilot, a Portland based band, is soaring with its folksy introspective lyrics. The band appears at many major festivals and recently performed on the Late Show with David Letterman.  According to Wikipedia, their debut album, 3 Rounds and a Sound, reached number 13 on the Billboard Top Digital Albums chart. Their second album “We Are The Tide” has got everyone talking and for good reason. The lead singer, Israel Nebeker, is one of the gifted singers of today.

Skyline - Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon

If you have plans to be in Portland this April 27th, reserve your tickets now for Blind Pilot as they join the Oregon Symphony for their first orchestral collaboration. Tickets are available on their cool website.

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Blind Pilot Video