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Keebler Elves Beware – It’s Oreo Day!

Thought for Today: Recipe for happiness: Learn how to cook. Charles Simic, Poet Laureate

Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie

Today, March 6th 1912, future conglomerate Nabisco introduced the Oreo Cookie. It’s Oreo Day,  a red letter day in cooking manufacturing, the Oreo has been a mainstay from that day forward. I doubt there is anyone under the age of twelve that has not seen an Oreo ad on television.

The Oreo Cookie currently marketed in the United States is made by the Nabisco division of Mondelēz International.  The company is headquartered in Deerfield Township, Illinois, near Chicago, and is a manufacturer of chocolate, biscuits, gum, confectionery, coffee and powdered beverages.

The Mondelēz name in French meaning world and delez an alternative to delicious is a perfect fit for the Oreo Cookie known around the world to be delicious.

The sandwich cookie is always delicious.  It’s fun to split apart the two chocolate disks to sample the cream filling in between.  Ask anyone their favorite way of sampling this sweet stuff.

HydroxOthers, myself included, remember the Hydrox, a similar cookie introduced in 1908. Hydrox cookies were named after the atomic elements that make up water – Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The Oreo, although a knock-off, has remained a main stay in the food world. The original Hydrox has a less sweet filling and a crunchier cookie which held up better to milk dunking.

Famous AmosFamous Amos carries a similar product as a chocolate sandwich cookie. Kellogg’s has said these cookies are unique in flavor and Carvel Ice Cream Company uses Hydrox Cookie Crumbles in some of their products. Oreo Cookies are what they are, but Hydrox Cookies are a close second.

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