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Dîner des trois empereurs – Chef Adolphe Dugléré

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Chef Adolphe Dugléré

Chef Adolphe Dugléré

The great Chef Adolphe Dugléré was a pupil of famous French Chef Marie-Antonin Carême.  Adolphe was born in Bordeaux in 1805 and died in Paris in 1884.

Along the way, he had an impressive career.  After his apprenticeship Adolphe became Chef de cuisine for the famous Rothschild Family until 1848.  For the next eighteen years, he managed the restaurant of the Palais-Royale which is owned by three prominent men from Provence.  In 1866 he became the head chef of the Café Anglais which was the most famous Paris restaurant of the 19th century where he created one of his most famous dishes Pommes Anna.

Tour d'Argent

Tour d’Argent

On this day in history 1867, Dugléré served a famous meal which became known as the Dinner of the Three Emperors.  In attendance was Tsar Alexander II, his son who later became Tsar Alexander IIIKing William I of Prussia, as well as Prince Otto von Bismarck who were all in Paris for the Universal Exposition.  The table service for this meal is still on display at  La Tour d’Argent which is the oldest restaurant in Paris today.

Participation in this event, especially in the kitchen during preparation, would be most any chef’s dream.  It had to be both nerve-wrecking and fulfilling.  Below is the menu for this grand dinner.  No expense was spared for the world was judging Paris during this Exposition.





Soufflé à la reine
Filets de sole à la vénitienne
Escalope de turbot au gratin
Selle de mouton purée Bretonne


Poulet à la portugaise
Pâté chaud de cailles
Homard à la parisienne

Sorbets au champagne


Canetons à la rouennaise
Ortolans sur canapés


Aubergines à l’espagnole
Asperges en branches
Cassolette princesse


Bombe glacée


Madère retour de l’Inde 1810
Xérès 1821
Châteaux d’Yquem 1847
Chambertin 1846
Châteaux Margaux 1847
Château Latour 1847
Châteaux Lafite 1848
Champagne Roederer frappé


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