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National Knife Day

Quote for Today: The buddy system is essential to your survival; it gives the enemy somebody else to shoot at. Murphy’s Law #6

Slicing Orange - National Knife day

Knife and Orange

Today is National Knife Day. Being in the restaurant business, sharp objects are an integral part of my livelihood. A twelve inch chef knife is my tool of choice most of the time. Specialty knives have their purpose, but jn my opinion 95% of the time a good chef’s knife is all that is needed. The size and shape of your chef knife boils down to what feels comfortable to you.

Twenty years ago a chef-restaurateur whom I had the upmost respect for suggested a six inch Wusthoff Trident knife and I went with it. As my knife skills progressed, I found that the six inch was too small and light. Today, whenever possible, I use a heavy ten to twelve inch knife that tends to do the work for me. Overall the most important thing to do is keep your knife sharp. Having it done professionally a couple of times a year is the easiest way to go. Regularly using a steel to reshape your blade is essential to keeping your knife in great shape. A common misperception is that running your knife across your steel at a 20 degree angle sharpens your blade. A steel only brings the edge into an even V-shape thus keeping the edge inline making it work efficiently.

Wusthoff Trident - National Knife Day

Wusthoff Trident

When purchasing a new knife, your budget is a relative factor. Old classic Wusthoff Trident and Zwilling Henckel Knifes from Europe will last a lifetime, but will set you back a couple of hundred dollars. The Japanese also produce some great knives that are ergonomically designed and fall within a two hundred dollar price range, Global Knives being the best known. If you never want to purchase a knife again, these three are the way to go.

If on the other hand, you want a great knife that will not break the bank, there are a few options. The Victorinox Fibrox eight inch or the Dexter Russell V-Lo 8-inch will only set you back $30-$40. In talking with Louis Collini from cutlerymania, he highly recommended the Victorinox Fibrox model #40250 as the best value on the market today. Check out his website, it is a foodie’s Christmas Wish Book. And, no matter what, get yourself a quality chef knife and hit the cutting boards. Happy cooking, TJ

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Chef TJ & CJ

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