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National Cherry Popsicle Day: You Little Rascals

Quote for Today: “When he sings, it makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July.” Darla – The Little Rascals

Cherry Popsicle

Cherry Popsicle

Today is National Cherry Popsicle Day. Popsicle is a generic name but it also trademarked. These frozen treats are also called Ice Lolly, Ice Blocks, Freeze Pops, and even Paleta’s in Central American Countries.

Frozen desserts however, came about long before the stick was frozen inside them. Roman slaves were sent into the mountains to fetch blocks of ice for their masters. These blocks were then crushed and mixed with fruits and spiced syrup’s. President Jefferson entertained many visitors at Monticello with Iced Sorbet and Freezes. However, credit for the first Popsicle goes to an eleven year old boy from Oakland, California in 1905.

Frank Epperson

Frank Epperson

Frank Epperson one night mixed water and powdered soda mixture together with a wooden stick and accidentally left it outside. When he woke up the next morning the unseasonably low temperatures had frozen it. He ran warm water around the glass to unmold it and presto the Eppsicle was born. Frank kept making them for family and friends then later for his own children. This went on for years until he filed for a patent in 1923 and at his children’s request called them “PopsSicles and the name stuck.



Melona Popsicle

Melona Popsicle

The frozen treat was an immediate success. In its early days, and estimated 8,000 Popsicle’s were sold at Coney Island Amusement Park in one day. Today more than 2 Billion Popsicle’s are sold annually. Although Cherry is still the most popular flavor, Popsicle stands across the country sell every flavor imaginable. If you have an Asian market in your area, head to the frozen section and buy a box of Melona Bars. Just make sure you eat one on the way home, they don’t last long when others are around.


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