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National Cheese Pizza Day: Formaggio Giorno la Pizza

Quote for Today: Better cut the pizza into four pieces because I am not hungry enough to eat six. Yoga Berra

Cheese Pizza, National Cheese Pizza DayToday is National Cheese Pizza Day 2013 better known as Formaggio Giorno la Pizza  in ItalianWith all the competition out there, using ingredients never before seen on a pie, it makes you really not want to order a plain cheese pizza anymore. As for me, it does not matter if I am eating a $25 slice of Gordon Ramsey’s pizza or the whole pie from the grocer’s frozen section for $1 – I love pizza,allpizza. Below is a list of five great places to get cheese pizza’s today.

1) The Happy Tap – Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Your friendly neighborhood bar with cheap booze and some of the best pizza in town. The pies start at $8 for a 12″ and $11 for a 16″. The garlic cheese bread is just as good as the pizza. Most folks say they have the best bartenders in Milwaukee.

2) Nora’s Italian Cuisine – Las Vegas, Nevada: Located off the strip behind an Arby’s, this place is well worth searching for. Originally started as a pizza joint, Nora’s is now a full blown Italian Restaurant. Luckily, they still offer the “Snow White” which is their take on cheese pizza featuring Provolone, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Romano.

Spunto Thin Crust Pizza

3) Spunto Thin Crust Pizza – New York, New York: Go for either the Classico with Marinara sauce, local tomatoes, Mozzarella and fresh basil or the Formaggio Blanco with Mozzarella, Pecorino, Ricotta and Parmesan. Either way, you will get one of the best crusts in town.

4) Giovanni’s Pizza & Subs – Albuquerque, New Mexico: Voted one of the Top 100 Pizza Parlors in the United States by Pizza Today and Best Pizza In New Mexico by USA Today. This place has been wowing  Breaking Bad Territory for twenty-five years. Even though Green Chili is the topping of choice in the desert, their White Pie with three cheeses, herbs and spices is great for Cheese Pizza Day. Another must try is the Italian Burrito – Green Chili, Mozzarella, beef and tomato in rolled pizza dough. Kinda sounds like a Calzone doesn’t it

Haven Pizzeria5) Haven Pizza – Bethesda, Maryland: Using 2200 degree coal ovens, Haven puts out a crust that is thin, but soft with a hint of char. Chef Mark Bergami  formally of New Haven Pizzeria has been cranking out great pies that are all the rave on Capital Hill. One of the favorites is the White Clam Pizza (when available) fresh Littlenecks with cheese, oil oil, garlic and oregano. For National Cheese Pizza Day, between Noon and 7 p.m. they will be giving away FREE pizza. Believe it or not, one free 10“ pie per person, dine in or take out, is free. To top that, if you don’t want a cheese pizza you get $9. off anything you want. They must really appreciate their customers.

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