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Zero Waste Week: Get Bubbled and Squeaked

Quote for Today: “Waste not, want not” 18th Century Proverb

This week is National Zero Waste Week and the sixth year this event has been held. The theme for this year is “Use It Up,” tackling the issue of food waste. In the United States, forty percent of all food goes to waste. In terms of dollars, that equals 165 Billion a year. Tackling this problem is a huge task. However, here are five ways to do your part.

Automatic Doors

1) Write a list: Whether you shop daily or weekly, know exactly what you want before the sliding doors automatically open.

2) Stick to your list: Don’t shop for food when you are hungry. If it is not possible to leave the kids at home, keep them away from the lower shelves and avoid the candy aisle. Stay away from buy one get one free temptations, especially on perishable proteins and vegetables.

3) Safe Storage: May sure your refrigerator is below 40 degrees and the seals are intact and clean. The vegetable and meat storage bins are there for a reason, use them. Store dry goods and spices in air tight containers. Don’t be cheap when it comes to plastic wrap.

4) Freezer Usage: Batch cook, then portion and freeze leftovers. If you are not going to cook proteins right away, make sure they are properly wrapped and freeze. Let frozen items thaw slowly in the coldest part of the refrigerator. After defrosting, cook all meats before refreezing.

5) Don’t throw things away: If you have large amounts of leftovers, turn them into new meals, soups, stews, casseroles, etc. If you have small amounts of leftovers, experiment a little bit, try adding them to something new that you make the next day. Who knows you may come up with a new recipe that you may share with others on our recipe page.

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak

In the United Kingdom, Bubble and Squeak is a traditional dish made from leftover Sunday roast. The vegetables including peas, carrots, and Brussel Sprouts are chopped and added to potatoes and cabbage. The ingredients are then pan fried and served with leftover roast as a side dish at breakfast or as a midnight snack. I like Bubble and Squeak with HP Sauce or Sriracha. The name of this dish comes from the sights and sounds made during the cooking process. Similar dishes are Colcannon from Ireland, Calentado from Columbia, and in the United States it is simply called Hash.

Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad

Restaurants are always looking for ways to maximize product usage. A good example being potato skins made widely popular by T. G. I. Friday’s. Another example occurred back in 1937 at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood, California. One night the Derby’s owner raided the refrigerator at closing time and made a salad. His concoction included Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce, Avocado, Cold Chicken, Hard Boiled Egg, Tomatoes, Chives and Cheese. His dining companion that night Sid Grauman (Grauman’s Chinese Theatre), raved about it so much that it went on the menu. Since then, the Brown Derby has sold more than four million Cobb Salads.

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