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Copperhead Lodge to Host Nashville Unleashed

Quote for Today: Love the life you live, and live the life you love. Bob Marley

Jack & Diane

Jack & Diane

Jack and Diane, founders of Nashville Unleashed, are a great example of living the life Bob Marley describes in the above quote. You only need to be a fly on the wall, at one of their shows, where top song-writers perform “in-the-round” (the artists are seated in a circle), to pick up these vibes.  A concert with these guys is a completely different experience than the technology dominated sights and sounds you encounter today.  Another plus is you won’t be paying hundreds of dollars to get an aerobic workout on the way to the top (of the arena).

What you will experience is a glimpse of how songs are written when a group of song-writers collaborate as if no one else is present. They talk about the experiences that led to the creation of the song, the art of pitching the song to singers and record companies and what happens when they close the deal. It is an unrehearsed and in the moment experience where anything is within the realm of discussion. You immediately feel the passion and admire the skill involved in the song making process that ends with big hits.

The intimacy created by performers “in-the-round” flows to the audience. The love is shared to those who witness this show from their candlelit tables surrounding the performers. This informal setting evokes emotions for the listeners that may be characterized by joyful laughter, tears of empathy and disbelief with the end result leaving the listener with a sense that all is right in their own world.

Nashville Unleashed has a full roster of Nashville’s top-level song-writers and friends who perform with them at selected venues across the country. Their shows are highly recommended for a taste of the Nashville sound at prized getaway locations that offer great food and beverages with first-class lodging.

Upcoming Event: September 28, 2013, 6:30 p.m. | Nashville Unleashed will return to Copperhead Lodge Blairsville, Georgia. This is the perfect romantic weekend getaway for couples in the North Georgia Mountains. Reserve your stay and tickets today for these shows typically sell out early.

Copperhead Lodge, Blairsville GA

Copperhead Lodge

Nashville Unleashed| Roster | September 28, 2013, 6:30 p.m. | Copperhead Lodge: Grande Hall

Nashville Unleashed

Nashville Unleashed

Jack & Diane: The founding professional song-writers of Nashville Unleashed will be joined by Bernie Nelson and Adam Pope for this event.  

About Jack & Diane: The mutual love for one another and music highlights this married couple’s life. This resonates with their listeners at their informal living room like shows in-the-round. Most would describe their music as “easy listening with hints of blues and smooth jazz.”

Jack is a seasoned professional who formerly toured with artists like George Thorogood, Brian Setzer, and the ecliptic Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He is revered as a tasteful and impressive acoustic guitar player/multi-instrumentalist. His craftsmanship is admired by many from amateurs to pro-level musicians.

Diane is known for her smooth as honey voice with hints of Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks influence in her music. She was an integral part of the Atlanta music scene before moving to Nashville with a record deal, ultimately changing paths and founding Nashville Unleashed with Jack in 2008.

Adam Pope, Nashville Songwriter, Roadtrips R Us

Adam Pope

Adam Pope: An old-school entertainer in every positive sense of the word. He captures the energy of Elvis & Garth, with Cash’s perspective, Hank William’s honesty, and mixes it with the traditional sounds of country music. His full band consists of upright bass, drums, guitar and Adam delivering the intensity as well as the heart of a great front man. He just released a new CD “This Is Adam Pope.”

Bernie Nelson: As a multi-platinum award-winning songwriter, his songs have been recorded by Wynonna, Conway Twitty, Randy Travis and Confederate Railroad among others. He’s also a fantastic performing artist in his own right.  

Bernie Nelson, Nashville Singer-Songwriter, Roadtrips R us

Bernie Nelson

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