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National Fried Scallop Day | Top 5 Restaurants

Quote for Today:  Frankly, scallop, I don’t give a clam.  Cape Cod T-Shirt

It’s National Fried Scallop Day here in America.  While our friends across the Pacific like them in soups and sushi, over here in the Wild Wild West we prefer them breaded and deep fried.  These marine mollusks have a unique and delicate flavor.  They go well with everything from Almonds to white wine and Avocados to vinegar.  I know you are going to say they are wonderful when baked, grilled, poached or broiled, but deep frying is hard to beat.  Here are a few places to get these fried delicacies in sandwich form.  By the way, these are listed in no particular order.  All are great places to eat!

1)  Barbyann’s: Hyannis, Cape Cod Massachusetts – Along with six daily soups including their award-winning Clam Chowder, you can also get their fried scallop roll fresh from the water’s of Cape Cod.  On any other day, I would say order one of the lunch specials which today includes Grilled Zesty Orange Swordfish Tips for $9.99. 

Barbyann's Restaurant, Roadtrips R Us

2)  Malibu Fish Market and Patio Cafe:  Malibu, California – Founded in 1972, Malibu Seafood is operated by commercial fishermen providing the freshest seafood available to take home or enjoy in the Cafe.  Their fried scallop sandwich is only $5.95 or you can order a scallop basket with fries for $10.95.  The view alone makes it worth twice the price.  Malibu Seafood, Roadtrips R Us

3)  Duval’s New World Cafe: Sarasota, Florida – Seafood so fresh you should wear your swimsuit.  Located on Main Street among the trendy boutique’s and high end condos, it has been taunted as the best seafood in Sarasota.  Sunday features and all you can eat brunch with Florentine Benedict’s, Brioche French Toast and a variety of bottomless Mimosa’s.  The fried Scallop Po’boy at lunch is simply divine with a Cajun Remoulade, Napa Cabbage and vine ripe tomatoes. 

Duval's Scallop Po-boy, Roadtrips R Us

Duval’s Scallop Po’ boy

4)  DiMillo’s on the Water:  Portland, Maine – This floating restaurant weighs in at over 700 tons and can easily seat 600 diners.  Tony DiMillo started this restaurant in 1954 on land nearby and coined the slogan “What you eat here today, slept last night in Casco Bay.”  Today his wife and children carry on the tradition.  Their Scallop Sandwich with homemade Tartar Sauce, bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese on a freshly baked Torpedo Roll will probably sell out early today. 

DiMillo’s on the Water, Roadtrips R Us, Travel & Food

DiMillo’s on the Water

5)  Hyman’s Seafood  and Aaron’s Deli:  Charleston, South Carolina – This fifth generation operation has been in Charleston since 1890.  Third generation owner Wolf Hyman still lives above the business on the 3rd floor.  Eli and Aaron who currently run the joint have their house rules.  #1 The customer is always right. #2  When in doubt refer back to rule #1.  You don’t hear much of that any more.  Sitting side by side, both restaurants serve up a great Scallop Po’boy.  They suggest trying it as a wrap with grilled onions.

Hyman Seafood and Aaron's Deli

Hyman’s Seafood | Aaron’s Deli

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