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National Taco Day!

Quote for Today:  “Don’t judge your taco by its price.”  Hunter S. Thompson

National Taco Day, Roadtrips R Us

Today is National Taco Day, October 4th 2013.  American’s consumed over 4.5 Billion Tacos in 2012.  Most of them probably came from T— B—.  I, myself, contributed to this number, dining at our favorite fast food joint, at least twice a week, consuming an average of two tacos per visit.  Today fast food joints will be giving away free or really inexpensive tacos all across the country.  Go ahead, take them up on these great offers and enjoy.  After today, consider another option for tacos, the Carniceria.

Latin meat markets can be found all across the country.  Some have multiple locations, while others are single store family owned operations.  Carniceria’s sometimes carry fruits, vegetables, dry goods and bakery items.  All of them have meat departments where you can get everything you need protein wise to cook up a storm at home.  If you are lucky, the Carniceria will also have a Taqueria within its confines to feed you while you are there.  If you are really lucky, the Taqueria will have a self serve salsa bar to satisfy you condiment craving’s.  Here are a few such markets across the U.S.

A)  Sanchez Meat CompanyCulver City, California – The best place around to get Chorizo, Marinated Carne Asada, Fajita Chicken or even a whole pig.  For around $1.50, you can get the taco of your choice with all the trimmings.  Be patient in the parking lot and check out lines.  The wait is well worth it. 

Sanchez Carniceria, National Taco Day, Roadtrips R Us

Sanchez Carniceria

B)  La Michoacana Meat MarketWaco, Texas – Founded in 1986, they now have 15 locations in Texas and Oklahoma.  Although they are the largest independent Hispanic grocery store in the U.S., they still work hard each day to give great service and prices.  This week for example, bone in Ribeyes are $3.49 lb., boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $1.79 lb., and whole pork butts are just $1.59 lb.  Each store’s Taqueria provides Tacos, Tortas, Pozole, Menudo and even Tripe deep in the heart of Texas.   La Michoacana, National Taco Day, Roadtrips R Us

C)  Carnicerias JimenezChicago, Illinois – Yet another chain of Carniceria’s located in and around Chicago that pretty much has it all.  This week choice Skirt Steak is $3.78 lb, Red Bell Peppers $.89 lb.  and Pork Spare Ribs just $1.98 lb.  Each store has a food court serving breakfast and lunch.  The Taco of Stuffed Peppers is a favorite.   For you steak lovers, try the Asada or chopped Ribeye Taco.  The best by far is the Potato Taco Special.  Look for it on the chalkboard (Tacos Dorados de Papa). 

Carnicerias Jimenez, National Taco Day

Carnicerias Jimenez

D)  Hernandez Carniceria Cumming, Georgia – Wouldn’t you know it, a great Carniceria right in the middle of the chicken capital of America.  This lively store near the town square makes some of the best desserts.  My family would kill me if I went in without buying the Tres Leches Cake.  The Taqueria is one of my favorites.  It truly is a sight watching men in suits with bibs on, ties tucked in or thrown over their shoulder’s, attack a plate full of Tacos.  This is the place to be adventurous, the Tripe and Tongue Tacos are superb.  The Salsa Bar has seven different sauces, fresh Pico, Habanero’s, Cilantro, Pickled Jalapenos and lots of lime.

Carniceria Hernandez

E)  Tacos LilyEnsenada, Baja California – O.k., this place isn’t a Carniceria at all.  I felt it fitting to end National Taco Day with a place that focuses on the bounty of the sea.  And, what better place to get a Fish Taco than Ensenada.  I chose Tacos Lily because it is good.  Just to let you know though, from Tijuana to Cabo on the Baja Peninsula it is hard to get a Fish Taco you would not write home about.  Lily’s has all kinds of seafood to offer.Most of it procured from the Mercado de Mariscos right on the Ensenada waterfront.  Whether you like Marlin Ceviche or Fried Yellow Tail, you are in good hands here.  Hot sauces and salsa from mild and creamy to Habanero hot are there to use at your discretion.  Have a great Taco Day! 

Tacos Lily's Salsa

Tacos Lily’s Salsa

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