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Roasted Pheasant Day with Emeril Lagasse

Quote for Today:  Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen. that’s the exciting part.  Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse, Roadtrips R Us

Emeril Lagasse

On this day back in 1959, Mr. Emeril Lagasse was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. Emeril’s father was Canadian and his mother was Portuguese.  Fall River is known for its dynamic Portuguese culture and this is where the young Emeril found his calling while working at a Portuguese bakery.  Even though he was an accomplished percussionist, earning a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music, he decided to attend Johnson & Wales and become a chef.  

It was only a few years before he became the Executive Chef at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  The man he succeeded was Paul Prudhomme who put the regional food of Southern Louisiana on the map.  I can’t confirm this, but Emeril Lagasse interviewed close to a year for this job before taking over.  Taking over he did.  

Commander's Palace

Commander’s Palace

Shortly after his arrival in New Orleans, he brought his love for Italian, Portuguese and Latin cooking and melded it with the traditional Cajun and Creole influence to make a New New Orleans Style of Cuisine.  Emeril formed lasting relationships with local farmers, fisherman and everyone involved with the products that he served at Commander’s Palace.  By the time he opened Emeril’s in New Orleans warehouse district he had gained some National attention.  Even though most people told him he was crazy for opening in this area of town, Emeril’s was named Restaurant of the Year by Esquire Magazine in 1990.  More restaurants such as NOLA and Delmonico’s followed and everyone remembers his stint on the Food Network that dominated the air waves for years.  Today’s Emeril’s empire generates more than $150 million in revenue each year.  Emeril has written several best selling cookbooks including Emeril’s New New Orleans Cooking from 1993 that I will not loan to anyone.  

Emeril's MGM Grand Las Vegas

It seems fitting that today is also National Roast Pheasant Day and National Mushroom Day.  Here is a great recipe from the Food Network that I think you will enjoy – Emeril’s Favorite Roasted Pheasant.  Emeril’s Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding is also a great accoutrement to many dishes.  His latest book is now available on Amazon.  

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