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National Pasta Day: It’s Worldwide!

Quote for Today:  Pasta doesn’t make you fat.  How much pasta you eat makes you fat.  Giada De Laurentiis
National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us
Today is National Pasta Day a time to enjoy basically flour and water!  I could go into many different arenas of how pasta is available anywhere from high to low end, but I will not.  My first real impression of how powerful pasta is was when my childhood friend’s father twirled pasta around a spoon.  It seemed no matter how hard someone tried to teach me at the age of six I just couldn’t do it.  Many years later I had the privilege of eating a Spinach Lasagna that left me speechless and being older and wiser if not hungrier ate it every chance I got.  The restaurant was named San Gennaro and has since closed.  To this day I still miss that wonderful dish that I would wait hours for.  
Pasta Ingredients, National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us

Pasta Ingredients

Today however I realize that every culture in the world has their own version of pasta.  My only problem is I have to eat it out.  I have never grasped the art of making homemade pasta using a recipe from Italy or anywhere else.  Pasta is a beautiful thing when done correctly and these are five of our favorites.
A)  Skyline Chili: Cincinnati, Ohio – Best pasta ever with Chili as the main ingredient.  The Coney Dog’s are great too.  No matter what you get, add the onion.  

Skyline Chili, National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us

Skyline Chili

B)  What the Pho: Various Locations – This is a great chain restaurant.  If you think McDonald’s has quality control, these people followed the rule.  Their summer rolls are awesome as well.What the Pho, National Pasta Day
C)  al di la Trattoria:  New York City – Everything here is great.  My suggestion is the homemade Black Spaghetti, Octopus Confit, Basil, and hot chili pepper.  

al di la Trattoria, National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us

al di la Trattoria

D)  Trattoria da Danilo:  Rome, Italy – The meatballs are fantastic but the Pasta Carbonara is the best I’ve ever had.  
Trattoria da Danilo:  Rome, Italy, National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us

Trattoria da Danilo

E)  Maccheroni Republic:  Los Angeles, California  – The best in homemade pasta’s.  Try the Linguine al Frutti di Mare.  
Maccheroni Republic, National Pasta Day, Roadtrips R Us
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