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National Cookie Day: Little Cakes from Heaven

Quote for Today:  “Today I will live in the moment unless it unpleasant in which case I will eat a cookie.”  Cookie Monster
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Today is National Cookie Day.  These handheld, crisp or soft sweet cakes have been around since the 7th century.  The first records of the cookie, according to historians, was in their use to test the baker’s oven. A small amount of batter was sacrificed to help calibrate the oven’s temperature for baking a whole cake.  The end result when they were not incinerated was the cookie.
In England and Australia, the cookie is known as a biscuit.  Galletas are Spanish cookies.  Germans call them Keks and the Italians have several names for them including Amaretti and Biscotti.  The American cookie is derived from the Dutch word Koekje meaning “little cake.”
There are eight basic types of cookies:
·  Bar Cookies
Batter and other ingredients are poured into a pan and baked sometimes in layers such as brownies.
·  Drop Cookies 
A soft dough is dropped by the spoonful on a baking sheet.  The dough spreads out as it cooks.  Chocolate Chip cookies can be made this way.
·  Molded Cookies 
A stiffer dough is molded into shapes before baking. Almond Windmills are one such cookie we keep in the house all the time.    
·  Pressed Cookies 
Using a soft dough these are extruded from a cookie “gun” or pastry tube into creative or practical shapes such as Ladyfingers.  
·  Ice-Box Cookies 
Made from a firm dough that are shaped into a log and chilled until it hardens then sliced and baked like Pinwheel cookies.
·  Rolled Cookies
Made from a stiff dough that is chilled and rolled out like pastry then cut into shapes before cooking. Examples are Christmas Tree or Reindeer Cookies.
·  Sandwich Cookies 
Rolled or pressed cookies used as bread with a sweet filling.  The Oreo or Moon Pies are two examples.
·  Fried Cookies 
Here the dough is, you guessed it, fried. Polish Krusczyki and the Italian Zeppole have been around for a while and today Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookie Dough often skip the oven and swim in the fryer as well.
If you would rather just wallow in the enjoyment of eating a delectable cookie rather than experience the time, physical exertion, heat, frustration and big mess that goes along with creating them yourself, why not just try one of these.  
Places to find some great cookies: 
Emeril’s Delmonico:  New Orleans, LA – Semi-sweet, milk, dark and white chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar and walnuts.  No further description needed.  
Tom’s Mom’s Cookies:  Harbor Springs, MI. – This mail order cookie company has been doing it right for 25 years.  Along with the original [chocolate chunk only], you may also get their semi-sweet or white chocolate and peppermint cookie, but only for this month.  
Sweet Adeline Bake Shop:  Berkeley, CA. – The Ginger Cookies, Almond Biscotti, Blondies, and Snickerdoodles are fantastic if you can fit them in along with the Scones, Muffins, Cakes, and Pies.  
Platine Cookies:  Culver City, CA – If you like Oreos, try their version called Platinos or the Camees which are like the Vanilla Oreo only better.  
Finally, you can be like me and wait for the family to gather during the holidays where someone will invariably bring over a huge tin of assorted Belgian Chocolate Cookies.  These creatures do not last very long once the gates are opened.  If you see me get my mitts on them, don’t be upset when there isn’t much left in the dark chocolate variety.  A three-pound assortment of these cookies by Henry Lambertz will only set you back $25.  TJ

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