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Second in Charge: McDonald’s History

Quote for Today:  One out of eight Americans have worked at McDonald’s. 
Frederick Lee Turner who died last year on this date simply liked being known as Fred.  He grew up in Des Moines Iowa and Chicago.  While attending Drake University he met Patricia Shurtleff and they married in June 1954 just after he graduated.  After serving his country in the U.S. Army, Fred and his partner Joe Post were seeking to buy a McDonald’s franchise.  Ray Kroc suggested that Fred take a job at an existing franchise for $1 an hour to see what he was getting into.  Young Mr. Turner took the bait.

Frederick Lee Turner

Frederick Lee Turner

 Later, when Fred was already hooked, he and his partner could not agree on a location for their franchise.  Fred dropped this venture and went to work as a manager at a newly opened McDonald’s on Cicero Avenue in Chicago.  Mr. Kroc could see a natural leader and within a year brought him over to Company headquarters.  In 1958 he became operations Vice President and he just kept moving up until he became Chairman/CEO in 1977.  He remained Senior Chairman until his retirement in 2004.  
Frederick Lee Turner Along the way, he introduced the Happy Meal, Egg McMuffin and the Chicken McNugget. He was key in helping Ray Kroc standardize the original hamburger as well as the size of each fry.  Most importantly he was the driving force behind Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Those who knew him can’t believe he has only been gone a year.
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