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Krog Street Market: Inman Park

Quote for Today: Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased. John Steinbeck

Krog Street MarketWhat do you think about when planning a short day trip? For us, we want to go somewhere we think would be a happy place. We found just that place at the Krog Street Market (KSM) at Inman Park, a destination for Atlanta’s in-town culture. Newly opened in a 1920’s renovated warehouse, it has an eclectic feel about it with some of the best restaurants, shops and watering holes in town. The parking is not bad either for those not living in this quaint area where walking is common. The plusses include charging posts for your car while you enjoy the market with additional regular parking for visitors.

Whether you want to dine in or outside, there is plenty of space to cop-a-squat (sit). Check out some interesting craft beers and wines at Hop City or something a little stronger at The Luminary, a French American Brasserie. There are many exciting dining spots to sample that requires more than one visit. Check out all the dining and retail shops to have an idea of the unique offerings.

GCBBQ Inman Park, Atlanta


For all the Cue lovers, Atlanta’s favorite BBQ, Grand Champion BBQ is serving up their slow smoked meats and mouth-watering sides they are famous for at their new restaurant at Krog Street Market.

Pet Works

Pet Works

Whatever your mood is calling for, you will find a wide range of food and specialty ingredients for cooking at home at the market with some of the nicest people ready to take your order. There is food, drinks and more. The retail shops were a big treat. We were tickled to find Pet Works a one-stop-shop with not only the best treats, toys and unique gift items that we have been unable to find anywhere else. Our cat, Ollie, deserves the best and this is the one-stop shop for us. Sydney at Pet Works will be glad to help you select the perfect gift for your precious ones. Tell her we said hello. 

When you are in the mood to experience something unique and authentic we recommend KSM, a trip that continues long after movement in time and space have ceased. Check out their holiday season hours before planning your trip. We want you to experience everything that is special about KSM.

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