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Paying Homage to the Caesar Salad

Quote for Today: No matter where I am, especially when I’m on tour around the country, Caesar salad is my standby. In a random city and eating in random to-go restaurants, you’re kind of scared about trying things, but you can always count on a Caesar salad. Sasha Cohen

Caesar Salad, Roadtrips R Us

Today we pay homage to the Caesar Salad.  Most will agree that back in the roaring 20’s the salad was created by Caesar Cardini at the restaurant bearing his name.  Mr. Cardini was born in Italy but emigrated to the U.S. after World War I. Although living in San Diego, he had his restaurant further south (Tijuana) to circumvent prohibition.  Caesar’s restaurant was very popular with the film industry.  One late night (July 4th, 1924) when his food supply was running low he hurriedly came up with the Caesar Salad using what he had on hand. With a dramatic flair, he prepared the dish tableside.  The Hollywood royalty loved it so much that news quickly spread across the border and up the coast.  It is hard to believe that the most popular salad in the world was made by a man flying by the seat of his pants.

After Caesar Cardini’s death, his daughter Rosa sold Caesar Cardini Foods, Inc. It’s now owned by the T. Marzetti Specialty Salad Dressing Company.

The Caesar Salad dressing remains popular today and the company offers more than a dozen varieties of the original recipe. Whether dining in or out – a Caesar Salad is always a great option.

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