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Hurricane Season 2017 – Be Prepared!

Hurricane Season 2017 – Be Prepared!

Hurricane Season 2017 – Be Prepared!, Roadtrips R Us, Travel & Food BlogHurricane season is here and those in the path of the latest storm will attest that it’s no cake walk. The value of human life is the utmost importance and the safety of pets. What do you need to know in advance to prepare for stormy weather?

  • Have a plan. What are you going to do after receiving a weather alert for your area? Are you staying at home and brave the storm, if you have a choice, or traveling to higher, safer ground? Do you have an emergency radio w/flashlight for latest storm updates and light source? Do you have a backpack prepared for yourself and family in case you need to evacuate? Is your gas tank filled for departing in heavy traffic or going long distances?
  • What are you taking with you? Nonperishable food and water for yourself and pets are mandatory for basic survival. Children and baby supplies, enough to last for a few days will make the transition to safety easier. A cell phone with charger for staying in touch with family members and emergency personnel, if necessary. Personal identification and financial means to secure lodging, food, and other needs when arriving at a safe place. Any medicine you or your family is required to take on a daily basis should be packed in a water tight container.
  • Where are the nearest storm shelters in case you didn’t or couldn’t get out ahead of the storm? Having a plan in advance may save you or your loved one’s lives. Map yours out today!

For those living on the coast and in the path of hurricanes, we recommend a generator to power your home when the electricity is knocked-out during bad weather. It’ll be worth the money to know you’ll have power when needed. Click on the image to learn more.   

Hurricane Season 2017 – Be Prepared!, Roadtripsrus, Travel & Food Blog We hope some of the questions we posed will help you prepare for the hurricane season. We are coming up on the most active hurricane month of the year – September. In the Northern Atlantic Ocean, a distinct hurricane season occurs from June 1 to November 30th. Wikipedia


Our prayers and thoughts are with those in harm’s way. Stay Safe! CJ & TJ