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Top Spots for Authentic Pierogies: National Pierogi Day

Pierogies, National Pierogi Day


National Pierogi Day

Today, October 8th is National Pierogi Day.  These delicious morsels are dumplings made up of unleavened dough.  They are first boiled then baked or fried.  Similar other dumplings are found worldwide.  The Italians have Ravioli and Tortellini among others.  The Koreans have Mandu while the Japanese love their Gyoza.  In the U. S. communities with large numbers of Eastern European immigrants, such as Pittsburgh, Chicago and Cleveland have made the Pierogi a mainstay on local menus. 

Top Spots for Authentic Pierogies

Mrs. T’s in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania has been turning out Pierogies from their original recipe since 1952.  Today their kitchens produce over 13 million Pierogies per week.  You can order these online and  I would suggest the potato, spinach, and feta.  Another great place Pierogies Plus in Pittsburgh where you can go to the store and buy assorted Pierogi by the dozen.  Just like Mrs. T’s they ship from the East Coast all the way to Alaska and Hawaii.  Apparently, Pittsburgh eats eleven times more Pierogi than any other city in the U. S.  The Pittsburgh Pirates even host a Pierogi Race between innings at every home game.  There are lots of Pierogi recipes for making them at home.  Most say the secret involves using cooked potato or sour cream as part of the dough.  If you would just like to sit down and let the experts serve you, here are a few places to go.

Sokolowskis University Inn Cleveland, Ohio – This place serves cafeteria style Polish cuisine that has been featured on the Food Network.  Pick up your tray, napkin, and silverware then head down the line.  Desserts are first, then on the to Stuffed Cabbage, Chicken Paprikash, and of course Pierogies.  Make sure you save room for the salad bar. 

Staropolska Restaurant: 3030 North Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois – This place has been a staple of Polish cuisine for over three decades.  Known for its consistent food and service as well as prices make it one of the best lunch and family dinner places around.  Try the cheese and potato or mushroom and sauerkraut Pierogies. 

The Polonez RestaurantMilwaukee, Wisconsin – Family owned and operated since 1983, Polonez has been praised on screen and print more times than I wish to list.  Go for the Pan Fried Pierogies with sauerkraut or ground pork and beef.  One of the other dishes being raved about is the Czarnina Soup from a recipe developed by the chef and his Mom. 

 VeselkaNew York – This 24 hour Ukrainian Diner has a huge menu to browse through.  For 58 years, they have been serving Eastern Block Soul Food for hungry New Yorkers.  If the menu leaves you in limbo about what to order, try the Ukrainian Meat Plate.  Here you get 2 Meat, 2 Potato Pierogi and Meat Stuffed Cabbage with Mushroom Gravy.  It also comes with your choice of soup, sour cream and beet and horseradish salad.

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