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Winning Over Your Next Holiday Getaway

Quote of the Day: If you think Independence Day is America’s defining holiday, think again. Thanksgiving deserves that title, hands-down. Tony Snow

Winning Over Your Next Holiday Getaway

Winning Over Your Next Holiday Getaway, Roadtrips R Us, Travel & Food Blog, Holiday Season Travel

Holiday Getaway

As October ended, the days start to become shorter and shorter. All sorts of holiday occasions are fast approaching; a Thanksgiving feast with family or friends, Christmas exchanges with loved ones, and usually a fabulously spectacled New Year’s festivity to bid the year farewell. Each one of these occasions is an excellent opportunity to bring together extended family, take a romantic trip, or just be adventurous and plan an amazing solo trip. 

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According to recent studies, around 50 million Americans journey far away from their homes for the holidays. Many of these trips are destined for extended family homes, family vacations, business trips and others which is why the holidays are an enormous travel period.

When planning trips for others (like your family) or simply yourself, last minute preparation mistakes can be a trap for stress and anxiety. It is important to plan ahead and take into account these things when considering a big holiday trip.

Trip Tips


Family trips are known for being notoriously tense and chaotic. Normally, an even new parent doesn’t even dream of leaving their homes for the first few years. Lines at the airport, sleeping situations, necessary paperwork, all of which are a few things that can drive any parent overboard.

  1. Plan the itinerary: Make one that is visual, that makes your step-by-step plans concrete. By doing this, you and your children have clear instructions as to what is to be done. In addition, mom & dad can also remain able to deal with smaller things that happen like missing toys etc.
  2. Talk to your kids: Children may also deal with stress. Make sure to ask for any special ideas they might want to accomplish.
  3. Make time to rest: Punishing schedules are a great way to run yourself down on any trip. Never do this. Make sure to add downtime toward every day so that everyone is fully able to recuperate.

Partner Trips

As many knows, it can be a gift to have a special someone to share the holidays with. These months can often be great reminders of the closeness many individuals have with each other. Apart from the typical family occasions, a romantic voyage can be an amazing way to spend the holidays. These trips tend to be less prearranged, however, anything you do should be adventurous. An adventurous trip will be striking for both partners, but you should always come prepared.

If you are thinking of a solo trip this winter, your living situation should be of primary focus. Many solo travelers plan whether they will stay in a hostel, or room with friends. Solo trips can be a great adventure, but your own safety is very important. Make sure to remain in contact with someone and that keep lines of contact with you always. Inform them what should be done if you appear to be unavailable.  


If you are seeking out a destination for your holiday trip, remember that you don’t always need to look far. Many of the beaches in Coastal Florida and the southern Gulf Coast are immediately accessible and have huge histories & sights for family and partner trips.

For a quick and stunning getaway this winter, try looking at these areas that are right within reach.

  • Alabama Gulf Beaches: A visit here will be a change-of-pace for the holidays, but it is likely one you will love. The Gulf Coastal area here is rich with tradition, superb nightlife, and an incredible southern food scene you need to try at least once. It also offers fabulous greens and fairways for those who enjoy golf.
  • Panama City, Florida: Apart from the typical trips you might consider during the holidays, Panama City Beach in Florida is truly once in a lifetime. There is no end to things you may do while there. The many piers overlooking crystal clear waters and shopping venues can provide a romantic setting for any trip.
  • Destin, Florida: Florida’s Emerald Coast is another flowering example of a breathtaking beach trip you should consider for the holidays. Its beaches have been described as sugar white and contain beach houses that are easily rentable and have gorgeous views of translucent waters.
  • South Padre Island, Texas: The southernmost tip of Texas is both known for its grasslands and warm waters. Just across a road bridge, this island is the perfect mix of coastal getaway and Texas flavor.

Thank you! Henry Moore, Guest Blogger


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Winning Over Your Next Holiday Getaway, Holiday Getaway, Roadtrips R Us, Travel & Food Blog, Holiday Season Travel, Holiday Shopping, Corner Gift Shop

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