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The Life of a Chef: Knives You Should Own

Quote for Today: They kept big, badass knives, which they kept, honed and sharpened to a razor’s edge.  Kitchen Confidential

The Life of a Chef

The Life of a Chef: Knives, Roadtrips R Us, Travel & Food Blog

The life of a chef is dependent on owning and using razor-sharp knives. Being in the restaurant business, sharp objects are an integral part of my livelihood. An eight to twelve-inch chef knife is my tool of choice most of the time. Specialty knives have their purpose, but my opinion 95% of the time a good chef’s knife is all that is needed. The size and shape of your chef knife boil down to what feels comfortable to you.

Twenty-five years ago a chef-restaurateur, whom I respected, suggested a six-inch Wusthoff Trident knife and I went with it. As my knife skills progressed, I found that the six inch was too small and light. Today, whenever possible, I use a heavy ten to a twelve-inch knife that tends to do the work for me. Overall the most important thing to do is keep your knife sharp. Having it done professionally a couple of times a year is the easiest way to go. Regularly using a steel to reshape your blade is essential to keeping your knife in great shape. A common misconception is that running your knife across your steel at a 20-degree angle sharpens your blade. A steel only brings the edge into an even V-shape thus keeping the edge inline making it work efficiently.

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The first thing to clear up is the difference between honing a kitchen knife and sharpening one. When most people at home use a “honing steel” or “butcher’s steel,” or that long metal rod that comes in the center of a knife block, to “sharpen” their knives, what they’re really doing is honing them.

I’ve honed my knives to perfection using this method. I tried out a new sharpener that was quick, easy to use, and did the job. You may want to get one of these expensive products for yourself and your home kitchen. Anyone can use one of these to keep their knives sharp and ready to use. Click the image below to order yours from Amazon.

The Best Knives To Own

When purchasing a new knife, your budget is a relative factor. Old classic Wusthoff Trident and Zwilling Henckel Knife from Europe will last a lifetime but will set you back a couple of hundred dollars. The Japanese also produce some great knives that are ergonomically designed and fall within a two hundred dollar price range, Global Knives being the best known. If you never want to purchase a knife again, these three are the way to go. Click the image below to order your Global Knives while on sale today at Amazon.

HP Commission

If on the other hand, you want a great knife that will not break the bank there are a few options. The Victorinox Fibrox eight inch or the Dexter Russell V-Lo 8-inch will only set you back $30-$45. Add knives to your foodie’s Christmas Wish List. And, no matter what, get yourself a quality chef knife and hit the cutting boards. Click the image below to enjoy Omaha Steaks this holiday season! Happy cooking, TJ

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