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National Potato Lover’s Day – February 8

National Potato Lover’s Day

Quote of the Day: “What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”  A.A. Milne

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National Potato Lover’s Day is observed February 8 in the United States. We thank the potato farmers for growing this delicious plant for our enjoyment. Think about it – we owe gratitude to farmers who go against nature’s odds to provide food for our tables. So, potato lovers salute the farmers who provide this substantial food for our enjoyment.

In the United States, potatoes have become one of the most widely consumed crops and thus have a variety of preparation methods and condiments. French fries and often hash browns are commonly found in typical American fast-food burger joints and cafeterias.

One popular favorite involves a baked potato with cheddar cheese (or sour cream and chives) on top, and in New England “smashed potatoes” (a chunkier variation on mashed potatoes, retaining the peel) have great popularity.

At more formal dinners, a common practice includes taking small red potatoes, slicing them, and roasting them in an iron skillet. Among American Jews, the practice of eating latkes (fried potato pancakes) is common during the festival of Hanukkah.

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Potato History & Trivia

The single origin for potatoes is in the area of present-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia (from a species in the Solanum brevicaule complex), where they were domesticated approximately 7,000–10,000 years ago.

Potatoes were introduced to Europe in the second half of the 16th century by the Spanish.

The English word  “potato” comes from Spanish “patata” (the name used in Spain).

There are now over a thousand different types of potatoes. Over 99% of the presently cultivated potatoes worldwide descended from varieties that originated in the lowlands of south-central Chile, which have displaced formerly popular varieties from the Andes.

Potatoes are the world’s fourth-largest food crop, following maize, wheat, and rice.

As of 2014, China led the world in potato production, and, together with India, produced 37% of the world’s potatoes.

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