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Big Sandwich Day: Top 5 Spots

Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in Big Sandwich Day, Food, Food Blog, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Travel, Travel Blog, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Big Sandwich Day: Top 5 Spots

Big Sandwich Day Today October 9th is Submarine, Grinder, Hoagie, Hero Day or should we just call it Big Sandwich Day? Below are the top five places to eat a great sandwich today. Submarine, Grinder, Hoagie & Hero: Top 5 Spots in the U.S. A) Aaron’s Deli:  Charleston, South Carolina – This place serves a wide variety of seafood Po’boys on baked Hoagie Buns.  If seafood is not your thing, go for the “Blackbeard” 12 oz Homemade Meatloaf on a Hoagie Roll with gravy and onions. B)  Paseo: Seattle, Washington – This small establishment has no sign and takes no credit.  They will give you Caribbean Roast Pork Shoulder on a Baguette with Spicy Aioli, fresh Cilantro, caramelized onions and pickled jalapenos. So good will make you forget about Little Havana. C)  Soda & Swine:  San Diego, California – This shrine to the meatball and unique carbonated drinks...

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