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National Pizza with the Works Day (except anchovies)

Posted by on Nov 12, 2017 in "Archie Bell and the DRELLS", Christmas Season, Christmas Shopping, Corner Gift Shop, Daily Food Holidays, Diners, dining, Fast Food Restaurants, Food, Food and Travel Blog, Food Blog, Food Holiday, Food Quotes, Food Reviews, National Food Hoidays USA, national food holidays today, national food holidays usa, National Pizza with the Works Day (except anchovies), Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, RoadTrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Travel, Travel Blog | 0 comments

National Pizza with the Works Day (except anchovies) Quote for Today: Neapolitan’s have always had their fast food. It’s called pizza. Luciano De Crescenzo   Today is National Pizza with the Works Day (except anchovies). Americans really love their pizzas. We have a Pizza Festival Month, three Pizza Days and two weeks all dedicated to some form of this late night dorm room favorite.   Hold the Anchovies? One thing that gets me is the exclusion of the anchovy. Anchovies are salty and a little overpowering, but hey, get them on the side, why not? We get everything else on the side. Give them a quick rinse under cold water if you like then try it on a slice. You might be surprised by a taste of Umami lingering around. If the anchovy is just too much for you, try some high-quality fish...

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National Vichyssoise Day: Food Holiday

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in Anthony Bourdain, Carolyn M. Bowen Author, Food, Food Blog, Food Holidays, Food Quotes, Food Recipes, Kitchen Confidential, National Vichyssoise Day, Ritz-Carlton, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, The Long Road Home Novel by Carolyn M. Bowen, Today in Food History, Travel Blog, Uncategorized, Vichyssoise Recipe | Comments Off on National Vichyssoise Day: Food Holiday

Quote for Today:  If you love soup, you more than likely love life.  Chef TJ National Vichyssoise Day, but what is Vichyssoise? When I asked several people this question, my favorite reply came from an eccentric dog lover from down the street.  Her reply was “Ah yes, Vichyssoise is zee result ven you mix zee loyal Hungarian Vizsla and zee annoying Mexican Chihuahua.” I was surprised that only one person actually knew I was asking about potato and leek soup.  The origin of this soup is a subject of debate.  Julia Child called it an “American Invention”, but others claim its origins are in France.  Louis Diat, a French Chef at the Ritz Carlton in New York City, added it to the menu in the summer of 1917.  Years later, he told New Yorker Magazine how he recalled the...

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National Sandwich Day

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Food, Food Blog, Food History, Food Quotes, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Today in Food History | Comments Off on National Sandwich Day

Quote for Today: “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” James Beard John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, 1718-1792 was an infamous man who during the very late hours of the night in 1762 invented the sandwich. Legend has it that the Earl was too busy gambling to stop for a meal. Instead, he called for a servant to bring him roast beef between two slices of bread so that his fingers would not get the cards greasy. The Earl was not a very well liked man. As the first Lord of the Admiralty, he displayed gross incompetence and was very corrupt. As chief admiral of the British Navy, Montagu most likely contributed to the success of the American Revolution because of his actions. The Earl was also a member of a group of Satan worshipers, commonly...

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Gilroy Garlic Festival 2014

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in 36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, California Festivals, Food, Food Blog, Food Quotes, Gilroy California, Gilroy Garlic Festival 2014, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus, Travel | Comments Off on Gilroy Garlic Festival 2014

Quote for Today: There is no love sincerer than the love of food.  Bernard Shaw What does 10 tons of beef, 4 tons of pasta, 4 tons of Calamari, 2 tons of Scampi, and 2 tons of fresh Christopher Ranch garlic mean? The 36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival is coming July 25th-27th in Gilroy, California. If you are a garlic lover, this event is for you. From garlic enhanced recipe competition, free Garlic Ice Cream, flame-ups by Gourmet Alley Pyro Chefs, Gourmet Alley food court, Cook-off Theater, wine pavilion and more is waiting for you. You can participate or be a sampler of other’s favorite dishes. This is the place for you to showcase your skills if you have created your own garlic recipe. The Gilroy Garlic Festival is accepting recipe submissions for the 2014 Great Garlic Cook-Off amateur cooking...

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