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National Chocolate Fondue Day – February 5

Posted by on Feb 5, 2018 in Bestselling historical romance, Carolyn M. Bowen Cross-Ties, Cheap Flights, chocolate fondue, Chocolate Fondue Recipe , chocolate fondue recipe, Cross-Ties Book (New Edition) Carolyn Bowen, Cross-Ties by Carolyn M. Bowen, Everything Travel-Food-Entertainment, February food holidays, February National Food Holidays, February Readers' Choice Award, Food, Food Blog, Konrad Egli, National Chocolate Fondue Day, National Chocolate Fondue Day – February 5, National Food & Beverage Day, National Food & Beverage Holidays USA, National Food Hoidays USA, National Food Holdiays, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus, Today in Food History, Travel, Travel & Food Blog, Travel Blog | 0 comments

National Chocolate Fondue Day – February 5   Quote of the Day: “Fondue isch guet und git e gueti Luune” “fondue is good and creates a good mood” Swiss Cheese   Union Slogan 1981 National Chocolate Fondue Day is celebrated in the United States on February 5. It brings to mind cozy gatherings where everyone gets to enjoy sweet stuff like cookies and cake or fruit dipped into delicious melted chocolate. Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker Chocolate Fondue History Chocolate fondue is considered a Swiss creation by many food writers. Fondue was first promoted to Americans at the Swiss Pavilion’s Alpine restaurant at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The origin of chocolate fondue in the United States is dated to the mid-1960s. Konrad Egli, a Swiss restaurateur, invented chocolate fondue as part of a promotion for Toblerone brand chocolate....

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National Bean Day

Posted by on Jan 6, 2018 in Bean History, Bean Recipe, Bean Trivia, Bestselling crime fiction, Dining, Easy Food Recipes, Easy Recipes by Chef Thomas Jones, Easy Recipes by Chef TJ, ecommerce, Food, Food Blog, Food Holiday Recipes, Food Holidays USA, Food Photo Contests, Food Quote, January Food Holidays, National Bean Day, National Food & Beverage Day, National Food & Beverage Holidays USA, National Food History, National Food Holiday, National Food Holiday Facts, National Food Holiday History, national food holidays today, Online Shopping, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Travel & Food Blog, Travel Blog | Comments Off on National Bean Day

National Bean Day 2018 Quote of the Day: Whole foods like grains and beans release their sugar very, very slowly because of the fiber in them, and they don’t give you a sugar rush. They feed your cells as needed, and as a result, you have loads of stable energy that powers you through the day. Kathy Freston National Bean Day Today is National Bean Day in the United States. Beans were an important source of protein throughout Old and New World history and still is today. Bean History The word “bean” and its Germanic cognates (e.g., Bohne) have existed in common use when referring to the broad beans and other pod-borne seeds since the 12th century. The oldest-known domesticated beans in the Americas were found in Guitarrero Cave, an archaeological site in Peru, and dated to around the...

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National Lager Day 2017

Posted by on Dec 10, 2017 in Beer Quotes, Bestselling Romance Novels, December 2017 Daily Food & Beverage Holidays, Food, Food Blog, German Crafted Beer, Holiday Season, National Food & Beverage Day, National Lager Day 2017, New Ulm Minnesota, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Schell’s Brewery, Today in Food History, Today’s National Food & Beverage History, Travel, Travel Blog | Comments Off on National Lager Day 2017

Quote of the Day: “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Plato National Lager Day 2017 Today is National Lager Day! This national food and beverage day easily translates into a night out on the town with friends. You can meet at your favorite pub and catch up on the latest news. Just remember to drink responsibly!   Enjoy a tidbit of history behind the holiday! What is Lager Beer? Lager (German: storeroom or warehouse) (Czech: ležák) is a type of beer that originates from the part of the Austrian Empire that is now known as the Czech Republic. It is conditioned at low temperatures, normally at the brewery. It may be pale, golden, amber, or dark. The most common lager beers in worldwide production are pale lagers. The flavor of these lighter lagers is usually mild, and...

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