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The Original Black Friday Dinner

Posted by on Nov 26, 2016 in Black Friday, Black Friday Dinner, Food, Food Blog, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, the Day after Thanksgiving, The Original Black Friday Dinner., Today in Food History, Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Original Black Friday Dinner

The Original Black Friday Dinners: The Day after Thanksgiving  Today is the Day after Thanksgiving. I thought it was National Avocados have a Pit Day, but I was wrong. One website claimed it was “National Take the Wrapper Off the Cheese Day,” dedicated to the genius that perfected the Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America. But for our purposes, we will stick with the day after Thanksgiving, The Original Black Friday Dinners. Maxson Food Systems had produced a complete frozen meal by 1945. Their basic meat, potato and vegetable dinners were packed in a plastic container with separate compartments called “Strato-Plates.” The Maxson product targeted air travel both military and commercial. The death of its founder prohibited Maxson from hitting the retail market. In 1949, the Bernstein Brothers, Albert and Meyer, came up with Frozen Dinners, Inc. They sold the...

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