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What is a Macchiato, Really?

Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in Food, Food Blog, National Macchiato Day 2017, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Today in Food History, Today's Food Holidays History, Today's National Food and Beverage Day USA, Today's National Food Holiday, Today’s National Food Holidays, YouTube, YouTube Video | Comments Off on What is a Macchiato, Really?

National Macchiato Day Quote of the Day: To espresso or to latte, that is the question…whether ’tis tastier on the palate to choose white mocha over plain…or to take a cup to go. Or a mug to stay, or extra cream, or have nothing, and by opposing the endless choice, end one’s heartache… Jasper Fforde Today is National Macchiato Day! Here’s a cheat sheet for helping you order the drink you really want at your corner coffee shop. What is a Macchiato, Really? Macchiato is an Italian word, meaning “marked” or “stained”. It is frequently used to refer to two distinct drinks: Caffè macchiato, also known as “espresso macchiato”, is espresso marked with a little milk. Latte macchiato is steamed milk marked with a little espresso. The origin of the name “macchiato” stems from baristas needing to show the...

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BBQ Made Easy: Home Cooking

Posted by on Sep 28, 2017 in BBQ Made Easy, BBQ Video, Food, Food Blog, Meal Planning, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Travel, Travel Blog, Uncategorized, YouTube Video | Comments Off on BBQ Made Easy: Home Cooking

Quote of the Day: What would you attempt to barbecue if you knew you could not fail? – Robert Schuller BBQ Made Easy: Home Cooking Today was TJ’s day off so we wanted to treat his parents to a home cooked BBQ dinner. Our dinner was BBQ Ribs, Broccoli Casserole, and Corn on the Cob, Cornbread Muffins, and a delicious salad served with southern sweet tea. How To Make BBQ Ribs in the Oven TJ loves cooking food and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. The YouTube Video below shows his easy recipe for preparing BBQ Ribs in your home oven. Enjoy! The recipe for the Broccoli Casserole is simple, quick and will easily fit into the oven for cooking in the last 25-30 minutes before the ribs are done. Here’s the recipe! Broccoli Casserole 2017-09-27 07:41:00 Serves 6 An...

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