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National Tortellini Day – February 13

Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in Carolyn Bowen Author, Food, Food Blog, National Tortellini Day , National Tortellini Day - February 13, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus, Today in Food History, top crime fiction novels, Travel & Food Blog, Travel Blog, YouTube | 0 comments

National Tortellini Day  National Tortellini Day is observed every year on February 13. There’s controversy surrounding its origins. Although many claims surfaced, there are three legends with strong support. To sum it up, let’s just say there’s something creepy going on at these inns. Quote of the Day: Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat. Giada De Laurentiis Origins A local tradition has it that this dish was born in Castelfranco Emilia (province of Modena). One night during a trip, Lucrezia Borgia stayed at an inn in the small town and during the night the host became so captivated by Lucrezia’s beauty that he could not resist the urge to peek into her room through the keyhole. The bedroom was lit by only a few candles, and so he could barely see her...

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National Potato Lover’s Day – February 8

Posted by on Feb 8, 2018 in Food, Food Blog, National Potato Lover’s Day, National Potato Lover’s Day – February 8, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus, thrillers, Today in Food History, Today's USA Food Holiday, Travel, Travel & Food Blog, Travel & Food Holidays, Travel Blog, Travel-Food-Music Blog, Twitter, Uncategorized, USA Food Holidays, Winter Mystery Reading, YouTube | 0 comments

National Potato Lover’s Day Quote of the Day: “What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”  A.A. Milne National Potato Lover’s Day is observed February 8 in the United States. We thank the potato farmers for growing this delicious plant for our enjoyment. Think about it – we owe gratitude to farmers who go against nature’s odds to provide food for our tables. So, potato lovers salute the farmers who provide this substantial food for our enjoyment. In the United States, potatoes have become one of the most widely consumed crops and thus have a variety of preparation methods and condiments. French fries and often hash browns are commonly found in typical American fast-food burger joints and cafeterias. One popular favorite involves a baked potato with cheddar...

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National Park Week – April 15-23

Posted by on Feb 8, 2018 in actor/recording artist Jordan Fisher, Beaches of Northwest Florida, Best selling mystery novels, Bestselling author Carolyn Bowen, Bestselling crime fiction novels, Broadway’s Hamilton, Facebook LIVE, Grand Canyon National Park, Hamilton Grange National Memorial, National Park Foundation, National Park Week, National Park Week – April 15-23, National Parks, National State Parks, Parks 101, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus, Spring and summer travel season, St. Andrews State Park, Travel, Travel & Food Blog, Travel Blog, Uncategorized, YouTube | 0 comments

  National Park Week – April 15-23   Quote of the Day: “National parks and reserves are an integral aspect of intelligent use of natural resources. It is the course of wisdom to set aside an ample portion of our natural resources as national parks and reserves, thus ensuring that future generations may know the majesty of the earth as we know it today.” John F. Kennedy, President of the United States Spring and summer travel season is fast approaching and there are some beautiful places to visit in the United States. Have you thought about visiting the National Parks where you meet nature one-on-one? The National Park Service and the National Park Foundation will launch Parks 101, an ongoing series of hidden histories that showcase unexpected stories and experiences from America’s national parks and programs. To learn more...

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What is a Macchiato, Really?

Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in Food, Food Blog, National Macchiato Day 2017, Road Trips R Us, Roadtrips R Us, Roadtripsrus,, Today in Food History, Today's Food Holidays History, Today's National Food and Beverage Day USA, Today's National Food Holiday, Today’s National Food Holidays, YouTube, YouTube Video | Comments Off on What is a Macchiato, Really?

National Macchiato Day Quote of the Day: To espresso or to latte, that is the question…whether ’tis tastier on the palate to choose white mocha over plain…or to take a cup to go. Or a mug to stay, or extra cream, or have nothing, and by opposing the endless choice, end one’s heartache… Jasper Fforde Today is National Macchiato Day! Here’s a cheat sheet for helping you order the drink you really want at your corner coffee shop. What is a Macchiato, Really? Macchiato is an Italian word, meaning “marked” or “stained”. It is frequently used to refer to two distinct drinks: Caffè macchiato, also known as “espresso macchiato”, is espresso marked with a little milk. Latte macchiato is steamed milk marked with a little espresso. The origin of the name “macchiato” stems from baristas needing to show the...

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Starlight – ‘The You Generation’

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in entertainment, Entertainment Blog, Entertainment Contest, Roadtrips R Us, RoadTrips R Us, Syco Entertainment, YouTube | Comments Off on Starlight – ‘The You Generation’

Quote for Today: Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door. Anonymous Today is Entertainment Wednesday and we found just the news to share. It appears that music mogul Simon Cowell, previously the fuzzy britches on American Idol, and judge on Pop Idol, X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent, has announced a new joint venture with Syco Entertainment creating the first YouTube global audition channel. It is called the“The You Generation (TYG).” The door has just opened for the masses to audition to be a star in doing what they do best. Think about it. This is your chance to sing, dance, play, cook and show-off your special talent. If sculptor is a term that applies to your hair styling or make-overs, you may want to subscribe to the YouTube Channel...

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