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 “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” ― Victor Hugo


 Music is an important part of our travel adventures.  Going to festivals (see calendar) and concerts are great weekend getaways.  We suspect that music venues and artist/bands concerts are also on your “want-to-do” list. Use this entertainment page to let us know if there is an artist/band that we should know and feature on our website.  We are always looking for new and upcoming artists and new releases by established groups to share with our readers.

Submit your favorite artists/band for a chance to be featured  in our blog. Producers and musicians are encouraged to submit their latest work for consideration.  RULES:  Vote for your favorite below and follow our blog for the winner to be announced each month.  The winning vote will be tabulated by popular vote and a jury of peers in the music industry.   To be considered:  Enter information below and share with your friends.

 Artists/bands should be submitted in the form below and must have these qualifications.

* Video or audio submission

*  Photo of artist/group

*  Short bio on artist

*  Submitted by deadline

*  By submitting this form, Roadtrips R Us is granted permission to use information on website  and for social media posting.


Please use the form below to submit artists/bands  for entertainment feature. Good luck!  CJ & TJ


Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month